Bike Share Program

William Penn Bike Share Mockup

To add to the goal of making Oskaloosa a bicycle friendly community and increase accessibility, the city of Oskaloosa, in partnership with William Penn University, should consider creating a community bike share program.  

Bike share programs are expanding quickly across the country and for good reason; flexibility, less traffic and road wear, easier parking, improved public health, less environmental impacts and improved personal physical fitness.  

Across the country bicycle ridership has increased an average of 62% from 2000-2013, and 105% in bicycle-friendly communitiesaccording to the League of American Bicyclists. Bike share programs allow residents and visitors alike the opportunity for local transportation options without the requirement of personal bicycle ownership.  

How does it work?  

In general, bike programs are typically run by the city or a private business. The way they work includes a variety of options and features although most include; locked up racks that can be unlocked electronically with an app, a GPS systems to keep track of the bikes and a system that registers when the bike is returned.  

We recommend a minimum of two parking stations in the downtown area as well as one on campus at William Penn University, with consideration to other locations that might be beneficial.