Bike Lanes

Bike Lane Concept Cropped

Oskaloosa already has the advantage of the beautiful Mahaska County Recreation Trail encircling the community and connecting the Lacy Sports Complex, multiple parks, Edmundson pool, the High School and William Penn University.  

While the trail offers multiple trail heads, there is currently no safe routes for someone to bike to the trail. The challenge of having two major highways intersecting the city and downtown square presents many safety concerns and is a major detraction for cyclists and pedestrians.  

We recommend Oskaloosa implement Shared streets in the downtown area and extending bike lanes in four directions for direct, safe routes to create a vibrant multi modal friendly community.  

Priority should be placed on HWY 63 adding bike lanes and trails that connect to the Mahasksa County Rec trail on the North and South end. Later, during the Transfer of Jurisdiction a separated bike trail can be added along HWY 92.